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So what the hell is up with bugs always flying onto my monitor? Without fail, within two minutes of using my computer, at least one smart-ass bug will immediately crawl all over the screen. My current theory suggests that these bugs are retarded. I don't know what they're looking for, or where they came from, but they're really pissing me off.

As everyone has heard by now, Napster has gotten shut down. That's a relief, because I was really, really tired of being able to receive free music any time I wanted it. And next year at "college" I will have a quick "internet" connection, making the MP3 downloading process using Napster much faster, had it not been forced to close. Excellent. I nearly had a chance to download any song I felt like listening to in less than a minute. Whew. I'm glad that scare is over with. That was a close one.


I finally came up ahead at poker night this past Sunday. I think the reason for this was that I brought my video camera, so nobody tried to cheat like they usually do for fear of getting caught on film. Normally, they cheat more than those dogs playing poker, except they don't look anywhere near as hilarious.

My favorite part about sharpening dozens upon dozens of pencils is when a piece of led breaks off one of the pencils and then jams the entire sharpener. Another good part is when, after digging the led out with a paper clip, the pencil sharpener inevitably overheats, causing me to have to switch to a different pencil sharpener, which in turn overheats. Getting led smeared all over my hand isn't bad either.

Todd moved his site, by the way. You should know that.


As some of the more astute of you may have guessed by looking at this week's poll, I'm running out of ideas for questions. Therefore, I urge anyone with a good poll idea to tell me, and I will use it in the near future (with proper credit given).

Speaking of questions, me, Todd and Chris were recently asked by a crazy man by the name of John Jr. : "Who is your oldest Beatle?" He kept whipping out his driver's license and saying, "My name's John Jr., and I respect you," and he continuously tried to get us to purchase some alcohol. "Now, what you're going to do is ask for some Winterfresh gum, and then, like you do it all the time, ask for a 22oz. My name's John Jr."

If you see John Jr. on the streets, by the way (he'll introduce himself at least 10 times), the answer to his question is Ringo, followed by George, John and then Paul, who is "your youngest Beatle."

I got my digital video camera, by the way, but I have no idea what to do with it. If I ever get the proper editing software, I'll upload some images, but that won't be until I have money again.


I went to the bank the other day and found out that I had enough money to buy all my textbooks for my first semester of college, as well as provide me with enough spending cash to last me until I get a job next year. Alternatively, I had enough money to buy a new digital camcorder, and then be broke next year. After giving it some thought, I decided to go with the camcorder option, as filming random junk is fun.

However, when I tried to buy one at Best Buy, they were all, "Sorry, but the check you wrote us failed to clear. We can't sell you this camcorder. By the way, I'm stupid because I work at Best Buy." So I was like, "Fine, then I'm going to Circuit City, where they treat people with respect. You can expect the Idea Box to hear about this."

Circuit City, by the way, is one hell of a city. The staff there is helpful and informative, and their prices and product selection are very nice. Additionally, they take my checks. So I bought a Sony DCRTRV120 Digital 8 Camcorder there, and will recieve it by about Wendesday (as it turns out, they didn't have any in stock at the moment, so they have to send it to me). When I get it, I'll be able to use the camcorder to take still pictures and post them on the "internet" (whatever that is).


Whenever I go to work, I have to spend 4 hours looking for a parking spot, and when I finally do find one, it's practically in Canada. Then when I'm walking to work from where I parked, there are magically about 13 spots wide open, waiting for somebody to park in them. Today this is especially aggitating, as it is currently raining like a bastard, and so I'm going to have to get all wet and cold.


You know, I appreciate every one of the guestbook signings that I receive, but that doesn't stop some of them from being a little weird. Take p2349324n for example. His/her/its comment is "" While I agree with this statement, I'm not sure what the hell it means. Then there's somebody called LouieTheLargeMouthBass who would like to know where the paper cups are. I recommend checking any supermarket or convenience store--they should have the paper cups you're looking for.

Anyway, I had my college orientation today and yesterday for Michigan State. Everyone there was all, "Oh, for every 1 hour of class, you should study 3 to 4 hours." What kind of bloody nonsense is that? I'm going to study at least 13 hours for every hour of class.

Actually, I better make that 13 minutes. I just remembered that studying is retarded.


Quite frankly, I'm a little unsettled by the large percentage of people who would, according to this week's poll, kill somebody just to get their hands on one Klondike Bar. What's even more unsettling, however, is that somebody stole my root beer tonight. After walking out of the Pita Pit, I set the drink on those circular bench things, and then I walked a few feet away. When I got back, my unopened root beer was mysteriously not there. What kind of sick, cold-hearted bastard would steal another person's root beer? How could a person like that sleep at night?


You know, summer's a lot like school, except instead studying for tests, writing papers and waking up early to attend classes, you get to sleep in late and do whatever the hell you feel like.

At any rate, today is the first of July, which means that in about five days I'll be turning 18, at which point I'll get to start feeling guilty about not voting--ah, that is, I'll get to start voting. Now, voting is all well and good, as are the other bonuses that come with turning 18, but what I'm disappointed by is the fact that I still won't get to legally pee in public. The simple turth is that, when you turn 18, it should be your right to pee when and where you feel necessary. Turning 18 is such a rip-off.